Hi I'm Raí!

I'm a software engineer based in Recife, i make some apps in JavaScript/TypeScript, most frequently with Angular 2+ and React.

I started developing to the web on 2009 making some WordPress templates , in 2014 i started to learn JavaScript to understand how web work`s. In 2015 i made my first project with AngularJS (1.5.x), after this project i decide to work full time on JavaScript applications.

Today i work full time as tech lead at Justa Pagamentos, a Brazilian fintech working on applications based on Angular (5.x and 8.x version 😬).

Over the years, I’ve become passionate about open source software see my GitHub and Justa`s GitHub for more details.

Send me an email or say hello on Twitter. I'll be happy to talk! And let`s drink a coffee (or a beer)!